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Two-Way Dual Language Program Coming to Disney in Fall 2020

Disney Elementary will begin offering a two-way dual language program in the fall of 2020. The school’s 40 pre-K spots will be split between English and Spanish speakers, giving both groups the opportunity to learn a second language.

“A lot of our students come from a Spanish-speaking home. We are 60 percent Hispanic. This is going to be an opportunity to support our community and get the little ones involved [in the school] quicker,” said Assistant Principal Teresa Peña.

Next year, half of the subjects will be taught in English, and half will be taught in Spanish. Students will learn to read in their stronger language first. They will get their science and social studies instruction in Spanish, while math will be taught in English. This allows students to develop proficiency in both languages.

“It’s a great opportunity for communication,” said Teresa. “If I am an English speaker, I get the opportunity to learn Spanish and get to know a new little pal quicker. It’s a treasure to have another language spoken.”

Students will have the opportunity to continue in the dual language program through 5th grade.

“This will offer our students the ability to go to college if they want to, to get whatever career they want to, and be able to walk in and communicate with more people,” said Teresa. “This is a little gold mine we have here that is about to expand.”

For more information on the dual language program expansion, click here.