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Indian Education Program, Tulsa Public Schools, has served the unique educational needs of the largest urban school district in the state of Oklahoma since 1973.  The purpose is to provide a supplemental education program that will enable all identified and eligible Indian students to attain increased academic success, gain additional skills in technology, reinforce basic skills, and retain American Indian cultures and values of various native people. 

     According to the Needs Assessment survey, the three areas of top priority are  (1) academic tutoring and reinforcement (2) student advisement by Indian Resource Advisors, including areas of student behavior and attendance concerns and (3) American Indian cultural retention and knowledge.

     Federal funding is received through the Department of Education, Washington, DC. Title VII Grant, Muscogee Creek Nation Johnson O'Malley (JOM) and Cherokee Nation Johnson O'Malley (JOM).  The monies received provide all necessary and supplemental services to eligible Indian students enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools.  Currently Indian Education has 3,644 students enrolled in the Title VII Programs.  Of that number 1,369 students are enrolled in the Muscogee Creek JOM Program and 400 students enrolled in the Cherokee JOM Program.  Title VII students must have a 506 form on file and the JOM students must have a tribal membership and/or certificate of degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card on file.

    Parental involvement includes a Title VII five (5) member Parent Advisory Committee and a five (5) member Johnson O'Malley Parent Committee.  Johnson O'Malley Parent Committee meetings are held monthly at 5:30 P.M. followed by the monthly Title VII Parent Committee meetings at 6:30 P.M. at the Tulsa Public Schools Education Service Center, 3027 South New Haven Avenue.

     Key personnel include eight (8) certified staff and twelve (12) support staff.  Certified staff includes one (1) Program Coordinator, one (1) Academic Resource Advisor, one (1) Cultural Resource Advisor and five (5) Resource Advisors.  Support staff includes one (1) Secretary, one (1) Data Entry Clerk and eleven (10) Tutor Assistants.  The Tutor Assistants are assigned to ten(10) elementary school sites with high Indian student enrollment.

     The Indian Education central office is located in the Tulsa Public Schools Grant Building, 7635 East 42nd Place.   Tulsa Public Schools provided leadership thirty-six (36) years ago in recognizing the opportunity to increase the graduation rate and academic success of American Indian students.  Oklahoma now ranks number one (#1) in the nation in reading and math skills and leads the nation in the graduation of American Indian students.

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